Social Advertising

Social media is where your customers are hanging out. Just like the vendors of old days used to visit the parks and festivals to make many sales. So, it is with social media in the digital age.
According to statistics, 42% of people aged 20-36 and 50% of people aged 18 and 19 consider social media to be the most pertinent avenue for advertising products and services, and other Surveys back up that as a fact.
This means that not only are your customers willing to be marketed to on social media; they are even expecting it. In other words, you can’t afford to miss out on this with your business. Social media advertising allows you to reach a truly massive number of people, even if you are only targeting your locality. And what’s more, if you don’t take advantage of it, your competition will.
With Social Media, you can market your products, communicate your brand as well as relate with your customers personally. It is this process that transforms them into loyal fans and followers. Social media allows us to target exactly the kind of people that your business serves and communicate with them. You can also monitor and collect responses to your brand quickly. As a result, you must be able to switch objectives and adjust the content that you produce.
Social Media, like SEO, has both organic and paid options, and we make use of both platforms to get whatever your business needs. Numerous social media platforms selecting, managing, and profiting from it could be quite cumbersome. At Marketing Sydney, we’ll help you choose the perfect platform or platforms to launch out on, be active, and so on.
With our array of social media services, your business would soar in no time.
Part of our packages include social advertising, and you can contact us to learn more.
Display Advertising
People are moved by what they see. The most profound way to influence people’s thoughts is visuals. If you can create a visual experience for the customer, then they are more likely to relate with you and your brand positively. This is the whole concept on which display advertising is based on. Just as with SEO, the content that would be shared, which in this case is visual content must be carefully curated and shared. By controlling what your customers see from your brand, it becomes much easier to influence them as you market.
Visual content, like videos, infographics, and other visual elements are more likely to produce results, especially when among those that are stressed. With well-curated images and videos, conversion from visitors to the customer is higher. Display ads have a 60% conversion rate, and with retargeted ads, your business gets more brand exposure and visibility with an over 1000% increase in branded search.
What this means is that you don’t want to ignore branded visual content.
And at Marketing Sydney, this is one of the areas of expertise. We create, curate, and share visual content that has the possibility of influencing customer behavior. Our team consists of artists, geeks, and other creative personnel. With their expertise, we’ll provide top-notch visual content that would drive your customers to buy action.