Search Engine Optimization

At Marketing Sydney, SEO is much more than just a buzzword. It’s one of the keys that we use to ensure that your business thrives.
SEO is a complex and exciting field, but one thing is sure, it remains one of the best sources of traffic, leads, and of course, customers. In today’s world, however, your business requires and strategic approach that is driven by insight. You need a system that allows you to test, validate, and learn from the actions and their results. New and emerging technology has made that possible. For a local business or even a global brand, it takes time, patience, and lots of skill to generate consistent results from using SEO. Fortunately, all those are something that we have in spades.
At Marketing Sydney, we provide a total service package that ensures that your business gets premium SEO treatment and positions your brand to be seen by so many more people. Our skilled and passionate staff are well equipped to provide support to your business’s SEO efforts, ensure that you increase in rank for whatever your business is about.
We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that you get the best results from our SEO efforts. Please take a look at what we do to make the magic happen.
Keyword Research.
Keywords are the holy grail of SEO; they are the keys to the kingdom; in this case. If you can rank for the right keywords, your website and business would get a whole lot more visits. More visits also mean more customers and as such more sales.
At Marketing Sydney, we’ll craft the perfect keyword strategy that would get you ranking on Search engines in no time. By looking at your brand, your business, and many other factors, we can decipher which keyword would be perfect to attract the attention of your customers. Then as we progress, we can begin to refine our selections until you have a high enough ranking for the perfect keyword.
Better still, we can take a look at what customers have searching for and tailor our strategy to match those exact keywords and those closely related to it. Once this is done, your website will begin to appear in more searches, increasing your visibility and of course, chances of sales.
Our local search experts help to determine the best local search strategy for your business that will get your business the attention it needs. Another advantage is that with the right keywords, you’ll get attention on your local listing, so that when a recommendation or search is made for a business like yours from your locality. Your business is what pops up first.
Content Development
Content is King, they say. And we agree. All our efforts and yours will be of little to no effect if customers don’t stay long enough to decide to buy. Research has shown that conventional marketing is having lesser and lesser effects.
Content marketing is emerging as a new force in the marketing space and has been for a while. At Marketing Sydney, we help you navigate through the ocean of content that is available. We curate, create, and share the kind of content that your audience would love. Engaging content is essential to success in marketing, primarily digitally. Luckily, our staff is skilled at this and can easily ensure that your brand delivers top-notch content.
Content is what will help your audience decide to patronize and convince them to click that “buy now” button. In fact, the Click-Through Rates or organic results are about 20x the CTR of ads. But only if the sites developed content that is relevant and engaging.
The right type of content will help you rank high on search engine results, but much more than that, it ensures you to your customers, positions you as an expert, and keeps them coming back for more. There’s no downside to creating useful content.
We have a tested and trusted system to develop top-notch content on your websites. With us, we’ll ensure that your content that your brand delivers to your audience and customers is carefully aimed at ensuring that they become repeat customers and lifelong fans. This is our contribution to your business.
We do this by understanding search intent and producing content aimed at meeting it. There is something that your audience is searching for, and the more we realize that the better we can craft your content to reply to those questions. Doing this will attract traffic because those that see it are likely to share it with their friends, as well as to stay on your website a while longer. All of which help your ranking on Google
On-Page SEO
When it comes to SEO, there is a lot that has to be done to ensure that you rank high on search engines. One of such is on-page SEO. This refers to all the actions that are taken on a page to ensure that it gets listed on search engines.
At Marketing Sydney, we are pros at this. We optimize the pages on your website to ensure that it corresponds to specific answers to audience search. On-page optimizing is perhaps one of the essential parts of any online marketing program, instead of just SEO. An optimized page would determine how your readers respond to the content in it, as well as how they’ll find it in the first instant.
Imagine if all your pages were optimized and could be found easily on Search engines, well, that doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. Marketing Sydney takes care of all that, ensuring that you get the maximum results from every result put into your website. Everything from color selection to layout and content arrangement is placed perfectly to ensure that both people and search engines can quickly locate and patronize your business.
Off-page SEO
There are also some other aspects of SEO that are carried out in the background. Things like building links, building a good site structure, and many others.
The purpose of all this is to ensure that your pages and your website begin to rank for the right keywords, as well as become a recognized authority in your niche. Websites with domain authority are those regarded by Google to be authentic and effective at providing what audiences want to see.
By understanding your business and the way SEO works, we can ensure that every page and piece of content is optimized for SEO purposes. Thus, when searches occur about your niche, especially locally, you’ll get seen on search engines.
Link Building
Links are another critical part of any SEO strategy. Backlinks, or links from other sites and internal all affect how your site is understood and ranked by the website.
Link building means that we provide and use links accurately and appropriately on your website. Links are the equivalent of addresses of homes on a city’s masterplan; it basically tells search engines where to go. As a business, our goal when building links is twofold.
First off, we want to ensure that you get the best in backlinks. Backlinks are links from other locations online, such as review sites. Our focus is to get links to your websites from reputable sites that have recognizable domain authority. The presence of these links tells Google and other search engines that your business is trustworthy and that you possess relevant and useful content. Hence, they’ll direct more traffic your way, ensuring that you have a larger audience and possibly more customers.
Secondly, we build a solid and logical site structure for you with internal links. Links are the ways people and search engines can navigate your website. When the site structure is constructed correctly, it is easy for your audience to find whatever they need, increasing their chances of staying longer on your website and eventually patronizing you. A good link structure also helps search engines crawl through your site, and understand what is on it. Thus, it becomes easier for them to give recommendations to users because it understands what is on your website.
As you can see, SEO can be quite complicated; of course, with our help, you get a well-optimized website for your business that attracts traffic and makes it easier to get customers.
Get in touch with us today, and let’s give your business the boost it needs.