Email Marketing

Email is an Oldie but Goldie. It has been, and should still be the hallmark of your business marketing. In fact, we consider your businesses’ mailing list your black box. With email, you can reach all your subscribers and leads personally, at once. That kind of value is almost unprecedented.
If you haven’t been taking marketing by e-mail seriously, here is a list of reasons why you should.

 According to recent research, marketing by email generates an ROI of 3800%, on an average!

 If you market through email, those that buy through email are more likely to spend over 130% more than those who didn’t receive any offers by email.

 More than 90% of consumers, who are your customers, check their email every day

 Over 21% of the emails you send would be opened and read within the first hour after it is sent.

 70% of customers would get an email if it offers a discount and 62% would open it if the subject line is personalized

 Segmentation of email lists help increase open rates, increase the rates at which people click through and decrease the rate people unsubscribe from your list

 has revealed that mobile email opens are responsible for between 15 and 70% of all the mail that is opened, depending on your audience, email type, and product.

 67% of consumers use a smartphone to access their mail, as revealed by Blue Hornet.
After seeing this, is there any doubt as to why you should be using e-mails? One of the reasons why e-mail is so versatile is because it is personal and instant. It gives your consumers that sense of privacy and a personal touch.
At Marketing Sydney, we also offer email marketing services. We can build your list, produce the content that your audience would love to see, and then drive them to take action. In fact, you can schedule multiple emails so that you can focus on what is essential. Also, emails are perfect to close deals. After attracting customers from various sources, you can then use emails to close the deal, ensuring that it retains access to the customers, even after the sale is made.
We’ll design the email, provide the content, and make it irresistible to your customers. Also, we can show you how to build your list so that you keep getting your messages before people that are interested in what you have to offer. This is the bane of many email marketing programs on how to gauge interest and provide content suited to answer those queries.
With our help, you’ll get the attention of those you need, produce the kind of content that they find valuable, and provide offers that are irresistible to your audience.